Wits RHI

Wits RHI has 3 primary research sites which are fully resourced clinics participating in clinical trials, although not limited to  treatment optimization. These sites are favourably located in the heart of the Johannesburg inner city, where the need for basic healthcare is dire, mainly due to the mobile population that occupy this area and the high patient volumes in the surrounding local clinics. Consequently, many patients seek healthcare through the research centres; and in doing so establish good relationships with site personnel once they enter into a clinical trial.

Shandukani Research Centre

Yeoville Research Centre Pharmacy

The following clinical trials are being managed and conducted at Wits RHI research centres:

Trial Name / Protocol Number
Trial Title Trial Summary and Updates
 1. ADVANCE – WRHI 060 A 96-Week, Randomised, Phase 3 Non- inferiority study of DTG+TAF+FTC  compared to  DTG+TDF+FTC and EFV+TDF+FTC in  patients infected with HIV-1 starting  First-Line Antiretroviral Therapy ADVANCE Trial Summary and Updates ADVANCE Study Infographic – Frequently Asked Questions
 2. Low Dose DRV – WRHI 052 A Randomised, Open-Label Switch study comparing Darunavir/Ritonavir 400mg/100mg with Lopanavir/Ritonavir 800mg/100mg in HIV-positive participants WRHI052 Trial Summary and Updates
 3. Second-Line Adherance Study – SAS
Analysis of Factors Associated with Adherance on Second-Line Antiretroviral Therapy in the Johannesburg Inner City, South Africa: A Mixed-Method Cohort Study
2nd Line Adherence Study Summary and Updates

Clinical Trials_Infographic

“Contributing to research and being able to meet patients' basic rights to care and treatment is fulfilling on a daily basis. Seeing a smile on the face of a patient who is well and happy on their treatment makes me happy as well…” 

- ADVANCE study healthcare worker.